Hemp Seed Dukkah
Hemp Seed Dukkah
Hemp Seed Dukkah

Hemp Seed Dukkah

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Dukkah is a spice and nut blend that is beautiful on bread that has been dipped in olive oil, sprinkled on humous, fish, steak or salads.

A sprinkle adds nutrition, protein and taste to your meal. 

We use Australian Organic Almonds in a base with a mix of toasted spices and Australian Olssons Salt.

Dukkah is a staple in our household because it adds texture and extra taste to meals - not to mention nutrition!  

It makes a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life if you can part with it! 

In this Dukkah we have also added hulled Australian Hemp Seed (known as Hemp hearts) which have many nutritional benefits.

Hulled hemp seeds:

  • contain the full spectrum of Essential Fatty Acids
  • have the perfect ratio of Omega 3, 6 & 9 for human health
  • contain vitamins A D & E
  • are high in plant protein
  • are vegan friendly, soy, dairy and gluten free 
  • are low in cholesterol, allergens and toxins
  • contain anti-inflammatories and antioxidants
  • are a complete and natural superfood

The Dukkah is in a reusable glass jar with a wide mouth making it easy to scoop out the amount of Dukkah you want to enjoy! Be sure to give the jar a shake to mix through all the beautiful spices before taking a scoop.