Hi, I’m Steve Manolas and welcome to The Chai Stand. I’m a husband, father, yoga teacher, and avid tea creator.

A few years ago, at the relatively young age of 42, I was diagnosed with cancer which shocked me and my family to the core. With this unpredictable diagnosis now in play, we proactively decided to switch-up our thinking around how we were living day-to day – the time was right to introduce some radical change. Enter our new life journey, repositioned with purpose and destined to be far more down-to-earth.

Step-one was to address what we were eating, drinking and being directly exposed to environmentally. To go clean in pursuit of the dream.

Step-two was to sell my partnership in one of the Gold Coast’s longest-running and most successful deli cafes. To reduce the stress and seek my best.

And step-three was to take a huge leap of faith and take the necessary steps to actualise what I’d always dreamed of becoming – a certified yoga teacher and tea creator. To be true to my soul and the desired end-goal.

Through my yoga practice, I learnt about the importance of mind-body-breath awareness and connection, coupled with the critical state of sustained hydration. I then applied this sacred knowledge to create The Chai Stand tea range, designed to hydrate and support the mind and body through an intuitive blend of health-promoting herbs, spices and leaves.

Self-aware teetotallers will experience an elevated state though a holistic alchemy I’ve termed, Sacral Hydration. Also, worth noting, is that three-years down the track I beat cancer and now have a 100%, clean bill of health. I’m a truly blessed man with an all-new game plan.

My mission is to offer consciously crafted tea blends that nurture you, your family and friends into wholesome physical and mental wellbeing. Put simply – a delightful sip of yoga lovingly captured in a cup.

Stay grounded… 

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