Can I mix up the milk with the tea's that require milk to brew?

Yes, you can! You can use any milk you prefer – while we recommend milk alternatives you can also use dairy if you wish. Our favourites include coconut milk and oat milk. Check the ingredients on the milks to ensure they do not have too much added sugar or weird ingredients that you can not pronounce! 

What kind of tea leaves are used in The Chai Stand?

We use pure, high grade Assam tea. We use a beautiful long leaf which brings in a beautiful depth of flavour and no ‘dusty’ texture.

Who makes the tea?

Steve our founder makes and blends the tea. He experiments and gathers inspiration from the world around him to bring you healthy, tasty and enjoyable blends.

Why no sugar?

We feel that those who are trying to lower their sugar consumption for health and wellbeing needed an option. You can always add your preferred sweetener if required but remember there is lots of hidden sugar in our foods and drinks now.

Are your products grown in Australia?

Our tea and spices are not grown in Australia.  We source high quality ingredients and spices for our teas and spice mixes from various countries around the world.  We blend the teas here in Chirn Park, Southport on the Gold Coast. 

What makes your packaging biodegradable?

We use cardboard as the outer box of the tea and we have selected to use a biodegradable clear bag for the tea which is made from a plant based cellophane material.  Both these can be placed in your home compost when you are finished with them.  They do break down but take a little longer than food items in the compost.

We also use 100% biodegradable pouches for samples and some spices and accessories.

Where are you based?

We ship from Chirn Park which is a cute little village to the north of Southport CBD. The Village is a beautiful mix of people and we love being part of such a special community. 

What should I do with the leaves from my tea when I have finished?

As our product is natural with no additives or hidden nasties you can put the leaves straight into your garden, worm farm or compost system.

Are your products all organic?

Most of our ingredients are organic in our tea range, however there are some that we are unable to source in an organic option.