The Gold Coast has a reputation on the world stage of being the home to a certain type of person. Everyone has their own vision of what that is but if you ask any local or just take a look around you, you will see a village of amazing people.

Friendly, helpful, passionate about business, passionate about the sea, outdoors, fishing, boating, warm weather and most importantly the warm Gold Coast Sunshine.

So many people have moved to the Gold Coast and now call it home – Steve and I included! We love the Gold Coast so much. Our favourite activities include walking together to our local Chirn Park shops, eating at one of the local café’s and saying hello to everyone we see. We get so excited when new people move to the area or when people who have left the area move back.

So in a place so focused on sun, surf, sunshine and sand, where does tea fit in?

Tea offers a refreshing, hydrating and tasty alternative to sugary drinks that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Most people when they think of tea think of black tea and milk or a relaxing type of tea. Tea can be used to warm, relax, revitalise and nourish. It’s a great choice that aligns with the Gold Coast lifestyle.

Try swapping out one of your usual drinks for a tea from us today and know that you have elevated your state and given your body an excellent hydration boost!

Bronwyn x

The Chai Stand Gold Coast