Steve’s journey into business began at the young age of 16 when he left school in Brisbane and began working with his older brother in fruit shops.

After a few years his family decided to start a chicken deli on the Gold Coast and they set up at Coco’s shopping centre in Carrara.   They then diversified into a deli offering more products such as hand stuffed olives made by his Mum, cheeses and meats. 

The family then opened another deli at Main Beach, then Broadbeach before moving again to Isle of Capri. Steve stayed here at this business for another five years before deciding it was time to try something new. So after over 25 years in the business it was time for him to go out on his own (with me by his side!).

Steve wanted to follow his passions, spend more time with his family and learn some new skills.

As mentioned in the previous blog Steve was unfortunately diagnosed later that year with Bowel Cancer at the young age of 42. In under a week after discovering cancer he was in hospital having around 30 cm of his bowel removed.

He decided at this time on the advice from one of our great friends Jonathon Yang of Life Synergy ( to try to reduce the inflammation in his body by no longer consuming coffee, dairy, alcohol, gluten, sugar and red meat.

These dietary changes meant some big changes in the way we were eating at home, no long the meat and veges or meat and salad as a staple (the way I had always eaten) we were now looking at more vegetarian meals and looking at all the ingredients in ready made sauces, flavour packets and exploring all the gluten free options we could. After a year of this lifestyle change we started to find it easier and both of us enjoyed the health benefits of more vegetables in our diet.

The other thing we missed was having our morning coffee together. Steve’s decision to quit coffee meant that we were starting to ask for different drinks at café’s and when we were out together. We found that most chai teas have added sugar or honey or sweetener, which Steve was wanting to avoid. This lead into him researching and creating his own blend of chai and other herbal tea’s to enjoy any time of the day.

Another of Steve’s other passions that he had not realised was to become a Yoga Teacher so after a lot of pushing from me (as he was reluctant to leave our son and me at home for such a length of time) Steve decided to go to train in Thailand for a one month intensive training course with his teacher Johnny Nasello (

Upon returning to the Gold Coast Steve began teaching locally and carried on with his gardening business and focused more on his tea creations. He decided that he wanted to be able to offer others the products he was enjoying so he asked me to come on board with him and we began creating a product range and packaging.

We are always looking to expand our product offering to the lovely locals on the Gold Coast and also we can post Australia wide.  

If you are looking for any product in particular, a tea or spice please contact us as we may already be developing or have that product available!

Bronwyn x