This is a post Steve shared on Facebook celebrating three years bowel cancer free... 
Just over 3 years ago I found I had bowel cancer. Cancer wasn’t something I thought I would of dealing with especially at 42. I thought I was healthy enough to avoid this but I was not healthy at the time. I had been dealing with a lot of chronic emotional stress and self medicating with alcohol.
I was lucky to find the tumour early and had it removed a long with 30cm of my bowel.
I just had my 3 year check up (blood tests and colonoscopy) and I’m still all clear of cancer. 👍
Going thru cancer is a traumatic event and it sent shock waves through me and
emotionally it’s challenging to fully let go. Not many days go by when I don’t think about cancer.
Im so grateful to have this extra time on earth in this body to spend with my Queen, our son Michael, Lilly our greyhound and other beautiful people that are in my circle.
It’s definitely made me more aware of my mortality and I don’t want to spend my time doing work I don’t want to be doing and only spending time with people that are positive and enrich my life.