Jump into bed, light off, sleep time right.... come on sleep.... sleep???!!!

For most people getting to sleep is a whole other story especially after a busy day! Her are some of our tips for sleeping a little easier:

Start a routine

Try to do the same routine every night so your brain knows that its nearly bed time and do it in the same order. For example you could have a shower, put on some relaxing music and have a cup of relaxing tea.  Take some time to read a book or write in a journal instead of scrolling through your phone or sitting in front of a screen.

Put a note pad by your bed

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have forgotten something you were going to do that day or need to remember to do tomorrow? Just jot down a little note to remind yourself of what it was quickly and it will be there to remind you in the morning.  Even better it can be good to write your following day 'To Do List' before you start your evening relaxing routine. This way it give you time to add to your list before you sleep rather than the 2am wake up panic! 

Relaxing music or meditation

Steve's favourite way to get ready for sleep after a bit day is 10 minutes of meditation while my favourite way is to listen to a meditation recording or some relaxation music. I find the one I have enjoyed the most so far is Jason Stephenson who was recommended by Russel Brand! We both find that after a busy day we do need to dedicate some time to slowing down and relaxing especially after running around after our son.  We also enjoy a cup of sleepy tea or the Hibiscus Lounge tea.


One more other way that can assist in a better night sleep is to have an oil burner or oil mister with some drops of lavender running before you retire for the evening. It can create a beautiful light and a soft relaxing smell. Just remember to blow the candle out before you sleep! 

If you have any great sleep tips contact us!

Here are is the tea that we enjoy to help us relax in the evening - The Chai Stand Hibiscus Lounge - Hibiscus Flower tea