Drinking is such an ingrained part of our culture here in Australia. Here are some reasons to take a break and look at your relationship with alcohol during October. 

Get your health back on track

Alcohol makes us feel good in the moment, but long term it can be damaging to our health and wellbeing. Ocsober gives your body a break, and is a great excuse to kickstart a new approach to your health.

Spend less, save more

Alcohol is expensive. So if you're on a budget, or need a little extra cash for a holiday or big-ticket item, or Christmas, cutting back on booze can inch you closer to your financial goals. The average Aussie household spends over $30 on alcohol each week, so that's already $120 or more you can start saving this month.

Shake off winter weight

Many of us overindulge over winter. Now that the sun is out and the weather is warming up it's easier to stick to our health and fitness goals. So if you want to feel better before summer arrives, Ocsober is a great starting point.

Make sure you stock up on your favourite non alcoholic tea's, drinks and snacks and let your friends and family know so they can support you. 

Will you be taking a break? 

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