So the New Year for us did not start with a bang of excitement, or a party of fun... it started here in the Gold Coast with a wet windy cold day! Not our cup of tea and sprinkle into that mix, Covid! 

I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to catch Covid from a friend of mine who had been visiting her friend (a Dr from the hospital) around Christmas and then came to see me and I caught it off her.

For me the experience was not too bad and I did use our tea's to help myself stay hydrated and get myself through the couple of days that I was feeling a bit under the weather.

My main aim to help myself to feel better was to have warm baths, warm teas (my favourite at this time was the relaxing Hibiscus Lounge) and rest. Hard to do with the constant attention from Mr Four but Steve did a great job supporting my healing.

I was only really out for one day in bed because I decided resting was going to be my number one way to help myself feel better and get better quick.

My main symptoms were headache, sore skin/muscles in the legs and feeling tired (but that could have been the time of year too!) and these passed within a couple of days.

I did a Rat test so luckily didn't have to line up in the horrid lines that were around the Gold Coast over the Christmas period and stayed at home isolating for seven days.

Steve and Michael both tested negative which was a real bonus! 

So as I begin working again on our business this week - I am taking this as the fresh start to the New Year and am really excited to bring you new products and packaging to enjoy that are healthy and enjoyable.

Here's to a better 2022!

Bronwyn x