We had researched the Greyhound breed throughly before we decided to head out to the Animal Welfare League to meet and greet a few Greyhounds.  At the time I was pretty fixed on getting one but had to make sure we were right for each other!

When we got to the Animal Welfare League - there were no big dogs in the pens! I was pretty bummed  because I really wanted to meet a Greyhound! 

So we had a look through the medium dogs and then the small dog section. We came across Lilly in the small dog section! Can you imagine my surprise! There she was waiting for me.  

We did a meet and greet and had some time with Lilly.  We were offered the option to foster her so we could bring her home straight away and get to really know her and see if she was comfortable in our home.  

That afternoon Lilly came home as a foster dog. She had a purple collar indicating she was on foster and we were supplied with everything we needed to take care of here for a few weeks.

It was really a great way to get to know her and for her to get to know us and what home life was like before we committed to each other.

Lilly was rescued from a farm somewhere in Queensland with another 13 dogs and she has a tattoo on her ear of a number that is quite hard to see.  We were told we could call a racing organisation to find out more about her career but we chose not to do that. 

So after a few weeks we knew that Lilly was going to be another Foster Fail - and rather than wait till the foster period was over we headed all together back up to the Animal Welfare League and completed the paperwork to have her become ours for ever.

Lilly has been such a great addition to our family, she is friendly, patient with Michael and other kids and although she is big she is clean & smells lovely. She loves meeting new people in Chirn Park and her favourite spot to run is at The Spit. She doesn't like much exercise and is happy with walks and a big run once or twice a week. 

If you have any questions on adopting a Greyhound we are happy to help. 

Do it!

Lilly The Greyhound - The Chai Stand - Foster Fail.

For more information visit Friends of the Hound website.