So whats the story with the incense that we add into your order? Here at The Chai Stand we think that opening an order should be like opening a present! A present to yourself or your loved one that you have sent it to. 

So upon opening the box you will find a thank you card, an individually wrapped incense stick and your order.  The box smells amazing and lighting the incense stick can help elevate your state!

So why this particular smell?

This has quite a nice little background to it surrounding the time when Steve and I first met.  I have always used incense and enjoyed different smells as long as they are not too sweet or artificial smelling. So I landed on a couple of firm favourites including a very famous one Nag Champa.  On one of the first times I visited Steve at his apartment I could smell the Nag Champa incense in the hallway of the building and when I walked into his apartment - it was him burning the incense! Another thing we had in common - plus his place smelt like home to me.

We hope you enjoy this free little extra in your order.


More info about Nag Champa here