As soon as Steve was unsure about his health and prior to being diagnosed and his operation he started to implement some dietary changes to help him feel better and to try to reduce inflammation in his body. He chose to stop eating gluten, dairy, sugar, meat and drinking alcohol. 

Prior to this our eating was mostly meat and veg or meat and salad for our main meals plus lots of deli cheeses and meats. We didn’t really have much pasta or rice but we did have bread and crackers etc. In the weekends and for celebrations we would drink beer and wine and the occasional cocktail!

So what did our diet look like after this – well for our son – nothing really changed, I still was offering him a variety of fruits, vegies, meats, legumes and pasta and rice as well as jellies (homemade).

However to cut down on cooking and to try to avoid cooking three different meals – I started to cook the same for Steve and I. Our meals mostly consisted of legumes, rice, gluten free pasta, salads and vegetables. I enjoyed the lighter feeling after eating these foods but I personally really missed eating meat so I include that into my diet occasionally.

Getting used to the change in cooking for me was difficult at first because I was so used to doing things one way however after a few months it started to flow and I began to use other awesome ingredients like yeast flakes (cheese flavour), vegan cheese and chia seeds. Also most recently we have found some gluten free Australian grown oats, great for breakfast and gluten free pastry!

The two main appliance investments that we also made to help us in the kitchen has been an industrial blender from Omniblend Australia and a cold press juicer which we also use as a sorbet maker (banana nice cream anyone!) called the Oscar Neo Plus from Kitchen Warehouse. 

We seem to continue to learn about products and options that suit Steve’s eating and he sure is happy to have his digestive system feel so good.

(Please note before any dietary changes discuss with a professional this is just a blog written by me about our personal experience).

Will keep you posted on any new discoveries I find that help in the kitchen!


Bronwyn :-)