Are you a Kiwi? Where in New Zealand are you from?

This sentence is pretty much how most of my conversations start with people in Australia although I have been living in the Gold Coast for over 15 years now! So yes I am a Kiwi and I was born in Auckland in New Zealand. I have a very strong Kiwi accent that I think will hang around forever. 

I landed here in the Gold Coast with a backpack and no plan in July 2006. After working in a motorbike shop for a few years I managed to get a job in the recruitment industry, which I loved. I then moved into selling corporate clothing and then into food distribution. It was working in the food distribution business that I really found my passion – FOOD! The business was small when I joined and I enjoyed working in different positions in the business, helping it grow. I started packing, delivery driving before moving onto Sales Rep and then finally into Operations Management running the office and assisting running the warehouse when required.

When Steve asked me about joining him in at The Chai Stand I was so excited. I could see the potential of the idea. I am passionate about providing honest, healthy and easy to read ingredients with no sneaky additives or sugar. One of my big stipulations was that we have an environmentally friendly packaging option so we could do our bit for Mother Earth – consciously crafting and consuming.

My favourite tea in our collection is The Chai Stand Deep Blue Butterfly Pea Flower tea, I love it with lemon on ice in summer. A refreshing drink that looks beautiful in a lovely glass.

I look forward to sharing more of our journey with you.

Bronwyn x